Self-closing Patch Fitting


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The entire technology of the Self-closing Patch Fitting is itself housed in a subtly designed fitting. A floor recess is therefore not required in contrast to conventional floor-mounted door closers. It is assembled by simply screwing the base plate onto the existing surface. Bohle's self closing patch fitting has been tested to European standards for long durability and excellent functionality in accordance with DIN EN 1154.

  • tested as per DIN 1154 with 500,000 cycles
  • For averagely frequented buildings
  • Variable closing speeds
  • Can be used with stopper

Technical Data:

Door width 750 - 1000 mm
Description opens both ways
Closing force EN3
Glass thickness tempered glass 8 -12 mm
Door weight max. 100 kg
Opening angle max. 150 °
Hold position 90 °
Closing speed adjustable 150° - 10° / 10° - 0 °
ambient temperature - 20°C - +50 °C
suitable for inside and outside
Door height max. 2500 mm
adjustable zero position +/- 4°



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