Portavant 120 Ceiling Mounting single door straight cover

Wakefield Glass & Aluminium

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Impressive features of Portavant are its easy installation and handling simplicity in all types of installation. The sophisticated clamping technology makes processing of the glass unnecessary. The suspension was developed to ensure that the panes are securely held by the clamping mechanism. But if there is a particular need, the clamping mechanism can be combined with a drilled hole in the glass and a securing pin. The elegant floor guide features easy adjustment to accomodate different glass thicknesses. The push-in plastic inserts enable 8-12 mm glass panes to be securely guided. There is no play in the guide, thus preventing the panes from rattling. The resistance of the floor guide is attuned to the reliable self-closing system.

R = Room Height · LW = Clear Width · A = Glass width sliding door · H1 = Glass height sliding door · B = Glass width fixed sidelight · H2 = Glass height fixed sidelight · C = Length of running track

Technical Data:

Door width with single-sided damper min. 720 mm
Mounting Ceiling Mounting
Glass thickness tempered glass 8, 10, 12 mm
Door weight max. 80 kg
Version single door
Door width with double-sided damper min. 1050 mm
Glass thickness laminated safety glass consisting of tempered glass/PVB/tempered glass 8,76; 10,76; 12,76 mm



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