Master Track Ft 60 ceiling mounted door track

Wakefield Glass & Aluminium

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With MasterTrack FT Bohle offers a new high-tech complete solution for sliding door systems which stands out due to its revolutionary running smoothness and palpable ease of movement. What is so special about it: The entire installation requires only a few simple steps. Mounting is as quick, intuitive and thus cost-effective.

Glass thickness door: tempered glass 8 - 12 mm, laminated safety glass 8.76 - 12.76 mm

  • no glass processing required
  • Minimum door width 600 mm
  • The running track is pre-drilled.

Product highlights

  • Impressive running smoothness
  • Exceptional ease of movement
  • Soft closing mechanism
  • Safe unhinging protection
  • Elegant appearance
  • Intuitive and cost-effective installation
  • All adjustments can be conveniently carried out from the front.
  • Maintenance-free upon installation
  • Modular system in all weight classes
  • All-metal dampers with high-quality hydraulics and a double-sided spring guide

Technical Data

Mounting Ceiling Mounting
Max. door weight 60 kg
Complete Set yes
Line Bohle MasterTrack FT 60
Closing function manual



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