Digital Spirit Level


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The digital spirit level guarantees precise measuring values in degrees and millimetres. The reinforced aluminium profile guarantees a flawless lining on work pieces, horizontally as well as vertically.Thanks to its switchable illumination, the user-friendly display can be read easily in any position. The display automatically turns when working overhead which minimizes reading errors.


  • Horizontal and vertical level
  • Enhanced aluminium profile
  • Easily readable display which automatically turns when working overhead
  • Already pre-calibrated
  • For absolute and relative measurements
  • Measurements saveable with Hold button


Technical Data:

Accuracy of measurement 0,2° mm
Measuring range 4x90 °
Dimensions 600 x 21 x 50 mm
Reading 0,1 °
Batteries 2 x AAA
Working temperature -10°C - +50 °C
Warranty 24 months
Storage temperature -20° - +70 °C



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