Balustrade Post 900mm 316 Grade (external)

Wakefield Glass & Aluminium Co Ltd

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Balustrade post to suit 900mm height with choice of capped top (where no handrail is required) or saddle stem to for fitting to a handrail (fixed saddle, variable height saddle or variable angle saddle) stainless steel in a brushed finish. With a choice of 4 base mounts these being surface mounted + cover, Side mounted rectangular, side mounted round & side mounted round for variable angle. Posts available as end post (2 clamps 1 side), Mid post (4 clamps @ 180°) and corner post (4 clamps @ 90°) other clamp options available please contact us for more information

Please note that on side mounted posts the post height is made 200mm longer than the required height from floor (example post top height required from floor 900mm would be a post length of 1100mm to the centreline of the base plate)



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