• 1-Cup Suction Lifter Plastic - Wakefield Glass & Aluminium

    1-Cup Suction Lifter Plastic

    1-Cup Suction Lifter Plastic Makes working with unwieldly parts quicker and more effective · suitable for all materials with airtight and curved surfaces such as glass, plastic, metal, coated wood or marble · suitable for use at outdoor work sites or nautical areas Technical Data: Load capacity 30 kg Type of vacuum generation Lever-Activated Suction Lifters Suction pad ø 120 mm Number of suction pads 1 Material Plastic Lifting direction vertical Surface geometry flat Vacuum gauge no GS certified no

  • 6K STAINLESS STEEL PROTECTOR - Wakefield Glass & Aluminium


    CRL 6K stainless steel & glass protector in 100ml bottle used after prior cleaning with 6K pre clean solution

  • 6K STAINLESS STEEL PRE CLEAN SOLUTION - Wakefield Glass & Aluminium


    CRL pre clean solution for stainless steel & glass balustrades, stage 1 use this to clean prior to application of protector in 100ml bottle

  • ARBO GLASS CLEANER 1ltr - Wakefield Glass & Aluminium


    Adshead Ratcliffe Arbo glass cleaner 1 litre bottles sold as single bottle or box quantity of 12 bottles

    £5.28 - £57.02
  • Brite Guard Express surface protector - Wakefield Glass & Aluminium

    Brite Guard Express surface protector

    Description Protect your showers & balustrades quickly and easily before mounting with BriteGuard® Express. The coated glass surface is protected immediately and can be cleaned easily. In this way your customer will enjoy a high quality shower for a long time. Its use is as easy as can be. The special liquid is simply applied evenly onto the clean glass surface and is wiped off again with a suitable cloth. The only thing you have to be aware of is to moisten surfaces completely and evenly. The protective effect is activated immediately. The one-step product is appropriate for int...

    £9.90 - £35.10
  • Corner protector for glass & panels - Wakefield Glass & Aluminium

    Corner protector for glass & panels

    Plastic clip on protectors for corners of glass, ceramic or similar products avail to suit varying thicknesses in packs of 100

    £6.93 - £9.83
  • CLOSED CELL FOAM GLAZING TAPE - Wakefield Glass & Aluminium


    closed cell foam glazing tape 12 x 3mm in 25m reels sold as singles or 10 rolls option of single sided or double sided (double sided generally used as a security tape)

    £11.24 - £89.98
  • Glass packers plastic - Wakefield Glass & Aluminium

    Glass packers plastic

    32mm wide x 100mm long glass packers for PVCu aluminium or genral building use available in 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm & 6mm thickness. Sold in 100's

    £4.80 - £6.00
  • FIXING FOAM - Wakefield Glass & Aluminium


    fixing foam gun applied (not including gun)

  • INDUSTRIAL CLEANER - Wakefield Glass & Aluminium


    wurth industrial cleaner ideal for removing sticky label residue, removing grease etc

  • FLAT SCRAPER BLADE - Wakefield Glass & Aluminium


    flat edges safety blade for scraper, can be used without scraper as one edge is covered sold in boxes of 100

  • M5 x 16mm Saddle to handrail screws - Wakefield Glass & Aluminium

    M5 x 16mm Saddle to handrail screws

    Stainless steel countersunk cap screws M5 x 16mm for fixing saddle stem to balustrade handrail

  • M8 screw for glass clamp - Wakefield Glass & Aluminium

    M8 screw for glass clamp

    Stainless steel glass clamp to post fixing screw M8 thread

  • Masking tape 25mm - Wakefield Glass & Aluminium

    Masking tape 25mm

    Green masking tape 25mm wide sold per roll

  • Mirror Adhesive Tape Xtramount - Wakefield Glass & Aluminium

    Mirror Adhesive Tape Xtramount

    Xtramount® is a double-sided mirror adhesive tape made of closed-cell polyethylene foam (density 100 kg/m³), coated on both sides with a solvent-based, pure acrylate adhesive and protected on one side by blue silicone paper. Xtramount® was specially developed for vertical mounting of mirrors per DIN EN 1036, but can also be used for many other materials such as metal plates, some plastics, glass or ceramic. Xtramount® offers you the following benefits: - Excellent resistance to humidity - Good initial tack - UV resistant - Suitable for outdoor use to a limited extent - Temperature resistant...

    £2.74 - £22.54
  • Mirror fixing 'J' Bar - Wakefield Glass & Aluminium

    Mirror fixing 'J' Bar

    Technical Data: Mirror glass thickness 6 mm Length 3657 mm Material aluminium (Polished)